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2nd Annual Los Angeles Women of Color in Tech Reception

Our Presence, Our Power. Presented in Partnership with NBCUniversal

Present and Powerful describes the aura at Digital Diversity Network’s 2nd Annual Los Angeles Women of Color in Technology Reception on the evening of Tuesday, October 29th at the NBCUniversal Studios Commissary.

Presented in partnership again this year with NBCUniversal, this signature, invitation-only event provided a platform for a capacity crowd of nearly 100 influential women of color within the digital media and technology sectors to impart their wisdom and passion; share their stories; and inspire others to defy the odds and thrive in the Creative Economy.

The multicultural group included women from diverse backgrounds, pursuits and professions. They comprised founders, advocates and industry practitioners from academia, non-profit organizations and companies including, Bank of America, CBS, Comcast, County of Los Angeles, Essence, Fandango, Fox, Los Angeles Rams, Netflix, Ogilvy, Sony Pictures Entertainment, University of Southern California, UBS, Warner Bros., and more.

Themed, Commanding Your Worth, the event included a cocktail reception and panel discussion moderated by Amanda Armour, Head of People, Versus Systems. Panelists included: Dana Flowers, EVP, Creative Advertising, Sony Pictures Entertainment; Constance Knight, Head of Content Programs, Digital Publishers & Multicultural, YouTube; Varuni Palacios, Head of Growth, Miss Grass; and Grace Wu, EVP, Casting, NBC Entertainment.

The panel conversations at these events are hosted in a protected environment (i.e., what’s said in the room, stays in the room) to ensure that the speakers and attendees are comfortable speaking with candor and authenticity. They touched upon themes of imposter syndrome (an inability to internalize and validate one’s own accomplishments); self-bias (an internal voice telling you you’re always above average); and self-worth.

What we can say, is that our attendees were moved by the stories of the powerful women on our panel and felt fortunate to be in the room. As noted by some of our attendees:

“I walked away feeling so empowered to hear such a diverse group of women speak on relatable concerns I face and how they overcome those challenges in the workplace. Really thoughtful questions, kick-ass panelists, and insightful discussions equals a room of very inspired ladies who are motivated to strive for their own success in our industry!”

“Such a fantastic event! So full of key elements and loads and loads of take- aways and many jewels in terms of inspiration. Thank you for that!”

Digital Diversity Network extends its heartfelt thanks to our presenting partner, NBCUniversal, for hosting this event in Los Angeles for a second consecutive year. Your generosity helps to ensure that women of color receive resources and support to enable them to thrive in their careers in digital media and technology.

Visit the event gallery below to see photos from this very special evening.


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