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Keeping Up With Connectivity: Leveraging Technology & Innovation to Propel Your Career

With the Cross Campus Santa Monica tech hub as the backdrop, Digital Diversity Network partnered with Warner Bros. on Thursday, June 22nd to host diverse digital and tech professionals for an evening of networking and acquiring insights for accelerating their careers in the Creative Economy. Attendees included founders, and creators, as well as employees of major media, entertainment and tech companies.

In a panel discussion moderated by Jay Tucker, Executive Director, Center for Memes, Media, Entertainment & Sports at UCLA Anderson School of Management, distinguished professionals from the realms of e-sports management; virtual reality content production; technology distribution; and diversity & inclusion management shared their personal experiences in pursuing their passions; embracing technology; making career pivots and seizing opportunities to ultimately land in their highly coveted industry positions.

Speakers included: Susan Cheng, EVP, Content Technology & Operations, Warner Bros.; Lea Kozin, VP, Marketing & Partnerships, Holor Media; Damon Lau, Co-founder & CEO, Everyday Influencers; and Monica Marquez, Global Client Advisor Lead, Google D&I Lab.


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