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Women of Color in Technology Luncheon – Silicon Valley

Our Presence, Our Power

Wednesday, December 7, 2016

Digital Diversity Network (DDN) partnered with YouTube and Google to host its second Women of Color in Technology Luncheon at the YouTube Headquarters in San Bruno, California on Wednesday, December 7. Launched by DDN in May 2016, this event celebrates the contributions of women from diverse backgrounds, passions and pursuits in digital media and technology, as well as to educate, empower and inspire positive action to advance the future for women of color in the Innovation Economy.

The praise has been effusive about this platform for women of color in tech to celebrate one another and to make meaningful connections—personally and professionally–with more than 70 powerful industry peers. An added bonus was the opportunity to amp up their online profiles with complimentary headshots.

Emily Nishi, YouTube’s director of people operations, led an inspiring and engaging panel discussion featuring: Nicole Alston, VP of Legal, YouTube; Lilibeth Gangas, chief technology community officer, Kapor Center for Social Impact; Kayra Hopkins, technical director, Pixar Animation Studios; Alexandria Lafci, co-founder, NewStory Charity; and Monique Woodard, venture partner, 500 Startups.

Each of these women shared their stories; lessons learned; and how they are utilizing their tech expertise to make an impact within their communities and the world at-large. While their backgrounds, passions, and pursuits are varied, all advised the women in the audience to: initiate the change they want to see; step out of their comfort zone and engage with others who do not look and think like you; and to find their voices and make their presence known.

DDN extends a heartfelt thanks to YouTube and Google for their generous support of the Women of Color in Technology Luncheon.


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